letters to crushes

if you're not going to tell them...
may as well tell everyone.

no full names, please - just initials or nicknames.

the best letters are hopeful and positive. bonus points for humor. let's make this a happy/sappy collaboration, not a heart-breaking one. (if heartbroken is your thing, check out our sister site, letters from the crushed.)

I need a specialist to observe us and then conclude if you are interested or not.

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I’m the little girl with the bad front bangs and striped knee high socks from kindergarten who was your first friend. I’m the little girl who was your spelling partner in first grade. I’m the little girl who walked you to the office when you skinned your knee in second grade. I’m the girl who tied your shoes in third grade, because you still couldn’t. I’m the girl who didn’t laugh at your braces in fourth grade. I’m the girl who almost confessed her ‘love’ to you during the pilgrim project in fifth grade. I’m the girl who introduced you to my best friend, and watched you like her instead of me in sixth grade. I’m the girl who listened to all of your problems and never made fun of you in junior high. I’m the girl who is still dragged to your family’s parties and sits in the corner and reads. I’ve known you for twelve years. I’m the girl that pathetically and unreasonably loves you. I’m the girl who’s pretty sure you’ve forgotten exists.  

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"you have freckles on your ears," i said.

"i’m so glad i know that vital information now," you replied.

"but you could have gone through your whole life not knowing. you can’t see your own ears."

"i could have looked in a mirror. or taken a picture."

"but would you have? would you even have wondered?"

"probably not."

"but now you know. now you know a little bit more about yourself."

"well.. thank you."

and that’s when we kissed.

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I stayed in high school and tried harder because you said you like smart girls.

I don’t have a crush on you anymore.

I’m halfway through a medical degree. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done with my life.

I, really, truly, sincerely thank you.

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i’m afraid that one day you’ll say, “good morning,” and i’ll say, “i love you.”

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I don’t know what to do with you when you smile. I just want to hug your face, but. that would seem weird. You make me weird. Which makes me smile.

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I wish we lived closer.

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And sometimes, when I’m not too busy being angry or strong or even happy for letting you go, I just feel sad. Because I miss you.

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when you’re around
you’re the only thing i can see

it’s as if someone Dumbledored all the lights out.

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When I meet a girl that I’m interested in, I do a “test” in my head to see if she might have what it takes to be mine and only mine. I call it the “couch test.”

If I can’t see you and me sitting on the couch watching the original SpongeBob SquarePants episodes or The Jungle Book, then you’re not for me.

Yes. I am almost 18 and and loaded with both brains and brawn, (if you caught that, you’re perfect) but this is what I want in a girl. Love is crazy eh?

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